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  • Wall panel with gas outlets

    we are producing wall panels for under plaster installation or in hollow walls, equipped in different gas outlets with AGSS or AIRMOTOR.

  • Dew point and CO measure with alarm

    Equipment designed to control water and carbon monoxide content in medical compressed air according to EN ISO 7396-1:2016.

    It is equipped in control unit with alarm function.

  • Concentrator OXYKON-360

    The biggest system we have installed in hospital until now.

    Capacity - 360 literes of "Oxygen-93" per minute. Installation place - Warszawa.

  • Mini vacuum plant

    New comapct, small vacuum plant for small hospitals or for small wards.

    Plug'n play system.



HYDRO-GAZ-MED Sp.j. est. in 1971.                                                                                                 

Our main activity are medical gas installations, we have over 30 years of expierence in that field. For 10 years we are the producer of key components for medical gas pipeline system. And because we try to offer the highest quality possible we are also cooperating with FRITZ STEPHAN Medizintechnik Gmbh, Greggersen Gasetechnik Gmbh and OXYMAT A/S.
In the field of medical gas pipeline systems we modernize existing systems or we can design, build, test and commision a new one.
Our companys work so as our equipment meet the requierments of MDD 93/42 and european standards.
We execute medical gas pipeline systems according to EN ISO 7396-1 and issue a declaration of conformity with CE mark.

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