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Oxygen concentrator OXYKON

Oxygen concentrator „OXYKON” is dependable and economic alternative for traditional supply sources of oxygen and compressed air in medical facilities.


Concentrator supply system OXYKON allows to use existing supply system for medical compressed air for producing your own oxygen or to use compressed air produced by oxygen concentrator system for medical purposes. This allows to significantly reduce costs of building additional supply system.


     Production of oxygen is based on adsorption properties of molecular sieves. Compressed air produced by air compressors is distributed to production modules, where nitrogen and other constituents of air are removed by molecular sieve, and oxygen as a final product is being stored in buffer tank, concentration of produced gas is 93% +/- 3% of oxygen. Rest is mainly argon and other inert gases naturally existing in air.
     Researches and our experience confirm that such concentration covers 99% of hospital needs regarding oxygen therapy. Especially when it applies to mechanical ventilation of patients treated in ICU wards, pulmonology diseases, during surgical procedures and many others where oxygen is necessary for patient therapy.
Safe and dependable system
          Oxygen concentrator OXYKON is a modular device, built and working according to PSA systems. It is made to work continuously producing unlimited amounts of oxygen. Depending to amounts of connected modules it covers the demand in small and big clinics. It is also used in mobile container systems used for example in field military hospitals.
       Control over system is possible through control panel, which depending to demand switches on and off production modules, also controls work of the cylinder reserve system, and when necessary switches it on to provide continuous supply of oxygen. Oxygen concentration is monitored continuously, to provide product at the highest quality. As an option it is also possible to control ambient concentration in the room where OXYKON is installed in. Any abnormal situations are controlled by our system and being transferred to alarm unit installed in control room and by SMS to persons responsible for maintaining the system.
        System OXYKON comprises to requirements of ISO 10083:2006 describing the requirements for oxygen concentrator systems used with central piping system in hospitals regarding design, installation, construction, work monitoring and maintaining this systems.
       Standard EN ISO 7396-1:2006 describes requirements for central piping systems for compressed medical gases including gas produced by oxygen concentrator.
Economical system, guarantying independence and optimal usage of space.
        Oxygen concentrator OXYKON allows medical facilities to be independent from outside gas deliveries and changing prices which allows to reduce oxygen therapy costs by up to 80%. To produce 1 Nm3 of oxygen system requires only 0,8 – 1,5 kW electrical power. Production costs are stable and very easy to calculate. Service costs are very low and limited mainly to compressors delivering compressed air. Hospitals already using our system had lowered costs significantly and become fully independent from whims of gas delivering firms.

       Single oxygen concentrator module / platform may have capacity from 30 up to 120 liters per minute with working pressure from 1 to 6 bar. These modules can be set it different configurations to deliver necessary amount of oxygen.

Thanks to its modular construction oxygen concentrator OXYKON delivers only as much oxygen as necessary to limit power usage of the system
       As an additional option system can fill cylinders up to the pressure of 155 bars, with an amount of 12, 40 liter cylinders per day.. From medical point of view our oxygen concentrator system is able to cover all needs regarding oxygen therapy in any hospital. Mixture of gases delivered to patient is always a mixture of oxygen and air in different proportions, whether the patient breathes by himself or through machine.
        There is no medical arguments for using oxygen 99,9% to prepare a mixture that is usually in concentration of 30-60%. It is also wrong and unhealthy from medical point of view presenting to the patients 100% of oxygen, or using very high concentrations of oxygen, it can cause irreversible damage to the lungs tissue.
Produced gas control
        Concentrator is equipped in system of continuous control with log, also it is equipped in safety feature that will switch it off and switch to reserve supply if produced gas doesn’t meat required parameters or when the pressure will drop below safety threshold. Produced gas after it passes through molecular sieve has dew point of -70ºC. Maintenance is limited only to air compressors that is conducted by dedicated compressor producer service. Oxygen concentrator modules require almost no maintenance.
If you decide to choose our solution, Hydro-Gaz-Med will lead the hole process from design, through installation to commissioning of the system.